week 34, 2001 archives

it turns out i have free access to inside.com, by way of my subscription to brill's content. but it won't let me log in, and their email support system (powered by tightlink) won't let me send them email. damn them! maybe i should just complain to kurt andersen and steven brill directly.

furthermore, a one-year subscription to brill's content, which includes access to inside.com, is $23.95. a one-year subscription to inside.com costs $39.00. i'm sure that makes sense to someone, somewhere.

now i know where to go if i ever want to simulate the experience of running windows again. (thanks doc.)

gotta love media bias: zdnet says "napster crackdown fails to spur cd sales". why not "napster crackdown results in fewer cd sales"? there's no evidence of causation either way.

details about tron 2.0 are leaking out.

1075 bras stolen from a mall in rochester, minnesota. my favorite quote: "I've never been in the Victoria's Secret store," Edwards said. "I don't know what it looks like. But they're definitely having some shrinkage." (via kuro5hin, discuss over here.)

it's a fire-sale on phillip's tivo recorders, with free shipping. if i weren't chicken (and not spending money), i'd upgrade my tivo with a second hard drive. or even two.

poking around on monster and dice recently, i'm a little surprised at how much of a gap there is between perl and php job listings. searching for "php los angeles" on dice.com comes up with just three matches, "perl los angeles" gives 59, and "java los angeles" gives 159. (no, i'm not really looking for a job yet. just double-checking that people are still hiring....)

why worry about a job when you could work as a simulated monkey, making monkey phone calls? but there's a chance that those damn real monkeys will swoop in and work cheaper. i think the time for legislation to prevent this is now. time to write the president.

hey, craigslist (the well-known bay area free classified mailing lists/site) has expanded to los angeles. cool.

hey, i've heard of this guy. nice car.

los angeles moves up and down up to five inches every year. cool. (new feed of nature science update, too.)

ninjai: the little ninja is a very cool flash animation series. the backgrounds, sound, and character design for the main character are awesome. (i think the character design for all of the adult characters is pretty weak. but i have a hard time making a straight line on a piece of paper, so who am i to say? watch for yourself.)

mftl sounds like a pretty cool programming language. but i'll admit to have a soft-spot for any language that allows question-marks in identifiers.

there's an article on mozillaquest (yikes, make friends with a competent designer) about how mozilla 1.0 won't be out until 2002. i like how the author goes on about the 3000 bugs, and 14,000 "new, assigned, and reopened" bugs, and seems to expect a 1.0 release sooner. huh? (the politics of version numbers is always stupid.)

ignore this garbage, go download the latest mozilla build, and enjoy. they are, in my experience, quite stable (and without all the added junk that is in the releases from netscape.com).