colobus: an nntp server for perl and ezmlm

a colobus.

colobus is a news (nntp) server written in perl that serves up ezmlm mailing list archives as newsgroups.

colobus are very social monkeys. there are eight species of colobus that live throughout sub-saharan africa. they are also amazing jumpers.

colobus is the software that powers the news server. (the software for the web interface to the news server is currently a separate project.)

colobus is free to download, use, and distribute. to install, download the source and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.

colobus requires the DBI, Digest::MD5, and Mail::Address perl modules, available from CPAN.

as it says above, colobus is free to use. but if you find it useful, i encourage you to make a donation to the world wildlife fund.

World Wildlife Fund

you can browse the bitkeeper repository for colobus and clone it from bk://


ask bjørn hansen has further developed colobus for use on, and made his changes available on github.

2.1 (released september 4, 2004)
  • optimized use of database for overview information
2.0 (released may 15, 2004)
  • switched to DBI backend (only tested with mysql)
  • split code for updating overview database from server
  • allow location of configuration file to be specified
  • switched to bitkeeper for revision control
1.2 (released march 24, 2004)
  • change process name to show connecting IP address
  • reject cancel messages (patch from ask)
  • fixed bug in sending message that had no body
  • minor tweaks to error reporting and tracing
1.1 (released february 20, 2002)
  • added logging in a format similar to the apache httpd log format
  • added support for 'xpath' command
  • added support for forcing a 'Followup-To' header on postings in a specific group
  • fixed bug handling GMT and UTC format dates in 'newgroups' command
1.0 (released september 18, 2001)
  • fixed response to 'list overview.fmt'
  • generate and store 'Lines' header
  • fix escaping of leading dots in lines when sending articles
  • allow header names in any case in 'xhdr' and 'xpat' commands
0.8 (released july 10, 2001)
  • added 'xhdr' (and 'xpat' and 'xrover') command support (required by leafnode)
  • moved configuration into a configuration file
  • implemented the 'newgroups' command
  • added 'ihave' command support
  • rewrite Message-ID headers to always have correct case
  • fixed output of the 'help' command
  • made the progress indicator for database updating prettier
  • some general code cleanup
0.7 (released july 8, 2001)
  • fixed error handling when num couldn't be opened
  • use first article to figure out group creation date
  • be more careful in parsing In-Reply-To header to create References
  • make sure generated message-id is used in xover
  • rewrite From headers to be compliant with rfc 1036
  • added command-line option to rebuild databases
  • fix bug that caused duplicate references headers to be sent
0.6 (released july 7, 2001)
  • initial release.

colobus is copyright © 2001 jim winstead jr. all rights reserved. see the LICENSE file in the distribution for more details.